Nov 29 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager Personalities

Each of the loveable villagers that live on our islands have their very own personality, just like each of us! These personalities influence a lot in Animal Crossing New Horizons including how the villager talks, what they wear, and even how they interact with other villagers. But what are these personalities?!

In total there are 8 different personalities and these are split between female and male villagers.

Male Personality Types


Cranky villagers spend most of their day wondering around the island and gossiping with other villagers. Most of them will wear jackets, t-shirts or sweaters. They get along well with Snooty villagers and also enjoy spending time with Jock, Normal and Lazy personalities. They don't get on very well with Peppy, Smug or Sisterly villagers.


Jock villagers love sports and fitness! They can often be found expressing their dedication to their physique to other villagers. They love to spend their time outdoors and will usually be exercising around the island. As they are always ready to go, they will often be found wearing tank tops or t-shirts.

Jock villagers get along well with all personality types apart from Snooty and Lazy villagers as they don't understand their more relaxed lifestyles!


Lazy villagers love to spend the majority of their day in their house, usually with a snack! They love eating, and love to talk about food with their friends. When they do venture outside, they love to go fishing, catch bugs, or sit down by the water and relax. They like to stay comfortable in t-shorts or sweaters.

Lazy villagers are polite and friendly and so usually get along with everyone.


Smug villagers were introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf. They are very polite but tend to show excessive pride in themselves and their achievements. They enjoy spending time at home and exploring the island in equal measure. They love to wander around the island speaking to their friends and will usually be wearing a jacket, vest or a sweater.

As Smug villagers are so polite, they get along well with most other personalities, although their ego does annoy cranky and sisterly villagers.

Female Personality Types


Normal villagers are polite to everyone they come across. They like to split their time between their homes and wondering around the island. They love to cook and keep their homes clean which they will be happy to discuss with you! They love to wear lots of different clothes from dresses to jumpers. They're very easy to get along with thanks to their kind personality. Although, cranky and snooty villagers may bother normal villagers.


Peppy villagers are similar to normal villagers as they also enjoy cleaning and are very friendly. However, peppy villagers can be very enthusiastic and some personalities may find this too much to handle. Peppy villagers love to spend most of their time outside talking to other villagers and engaging in lots of activities such as reading books and magazines or fishing.

They love to wear colourful clothes and will always be happy to see you! They get on well with everyone apart from Cranky and Snooty villagers as both types can be hot-headed!


Snooty villagers can be quite uptight and they also show excessive pride like Smug villagers do. They love to wear highly fashionable outfits like dresses and shirts and then obsess over their image. They love to spend time inside and outside of their home and you will often find them gossiping with other villagers!

Many personality types can be annoyed at Snooty villagers arrogant nature, however, Cranky and Smug villagers get on well with them. Over time, Snooty villagers will warm up to you, but they still may make a mean comment every now and then!

Sisterly (or Uchi)

Sisterly villagers were only introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf like Smug villagers were. Sisterly villagers are the rarest personality type in Animal Crossing. As the name suggests, they are very caring and love to show villagers things they think they might like. They spend an equal amount of time inside and outside their house where they like to sing or stretch.

Sisterly villagers are very popular due to their loving nature. However, they can sometimes appear blunt which can annoy Cranky and Snooty villagers.

Find out which villager personality you are in our fun quiz here!

List of Each Villagers Personality Type

Cranky Villagers

Villager NameSpecies
Kabuki Cat
Hopper Penguin
Ike Bear
Gonzo Koala
Gaston Rabbit
Gruff Goat
Groucho Bear
Grizzly Bear
Hamphrey Hamster
Harry Hippo
Dobie Wolf
Curt Bear
Croque Frog
Cyrano Anteater
Cyd Elephant
Del Alligator
Fang Wolf
Elvis Lion
Frank Eagle
Angus Bull
Admiral Bird
Apollo Eagle
Avery Eagle
Camofrog Frog
Butch Dog
Buzz Eagle
Boris Pig
Boyd Gorilla
Bruce Deer
Chow Bear
Chief Wolf
Cesar Gorilla
Peewee Gorilla
Octavian Octopus
Murphy Cub
Limberg Mouse
Lobo Wolf
Knox Chicken
Monty Monkey
Static Squirrel
Spike Rhino
Ricky Squirrel
Rasher Pig
Rizzo Mouse
Rocco Hippo
Rolf Tiger
Rooney Kangaroo
Roscoe Horse
Tom Cat
T-Bone Bull
Vladimir Cub
Vic Bull
Wart Jr Frog
Walt Kangaroo
Wolfgang Wolf

Jock Villagers

Villager NameSpecies
Jitters Bird
Jay Bird
Iggly Penguin
Genji Rabbit
Frobert Frog
Goose Chicken
Hamlet Hamster
Dom Sheep
Curly Pig
Drift Frog
Flip Monkey
Biff Hippo
Bill Duck
Billy Goat
Bam Deer
Antonio Anteater
Axel Elephant
Bud Lion
Buck Horse
Boots Alligator
Boone Gorilla
Cobb Pig
Coach Bull
Costeau Frog
Poncho Cub
Peck Bird
Pierce Eagle
Mott Lion
Mac Dog
Lyman Koala
Louie Gorilla
Kevin Pig
Kid Cat Cat
Kody Cub
Leonardo Tiger
Moose Mouse
Sprocket Ostrich
Sparro Bird
Sly Alligator
Snake Rabbit
Samson Mouse
Rudy Cat
Rowan Tiger
Scoot Duck
Sheldon Squirrel
Ribbot Frog
Rod Mouse
Roald Penguin
Rory Lion
Tank Rhino
Teddy Bear
Sterling Eagle
Stinky Cat
Tad Frog
Tybalt Tiger

Lazy Villagers

Villager NameSpecies
Jeremiah Frog
Joey Duck
Hornsby Rhino
Hopkins Rabbit
Hugh Pig
Jacob Bird
Drake Duck
Drago Alligator
Doc Rabbit
Derwin Duck
Deli Monkey
Dizzy Elephant
Cranston Ostrich
Cube Penguin
Erik Deer
Egbert Chicken
Elmer Horse
Filbert Squirrel
Bob Cat
Biskit Dog
Big Top Elephant
Barold Cub
Beau Deer
Benedict Chicken
Anchovy Bird
Al Gorilla
Alfonso Alligator
Bones Dog
Boomer Penguin
Broccolo Mouse
Chester Cub
Clyde Horse
Clay Hamster
Claude Rabbit
Cole Rabbit
Punchy Cat
Pudge Cub
Puck Penguin
Prince Frog
Nate Bear
Ozzie Koala
Papi Horse
Paolo Elephant
Lucky Dog
Marcel Dog
Moe Cat
Spork Pig
Simon Monkey
Sherb Goat
Rex Lion
Raddle Frog
Rodeo Bull
Stu Bull
Stitches Cub
Tucker Elephant
Weber Duck
Wade Penguin
Walker Dog
Zucker Octopus

Smug Villagers

Villager Name Species
Keaton Eagle
Julian Horse
Huck Frog
Henry Frog
Hippeux Hippo
Jacques Bird
Graham Hamster
Hans Gorilla
Curlos Sheep
Eugene Koala
Ed Horse
Beardo Bear
Chops Pig
Chadder Mouse
Colton Horse
Phil Ostrich
Pietro Sheep
Olaf Anteater
O'Hare Rabbit
Lucha Bird
Lionel Lion
Lopez Deer
Kidd Goat
Klaus Bear
Kyle Wolf
Leopold Lion
Marshal Squirrel
Shep Dog
Quillson Duck
Raymond Cat
Rodney Hamster
Tex Penguin
Zell Deer

Normal Villagers

Villager Name Species
Alice Koala
Annalisa Anteater
Aurora Penguin
Ava Chicken
Bea Dog
Bertha Hippo
Bettina Mouse
Cally Squirrel
Caroline Squirrel
Carrie Kangaroo
Celia Eagle
Chevre Goat
Coco Rabbit
Daisy Dog
Deena Duck
Dora Mouse
Ellie Elephant
Eunice Sheep
Fauna Deer
Flurry Hamster
Gala Pig
Gayle Alligator
Gladys Ostrich
Goldie Dog
Jambette Frog
June Cub
Kiki Cat
Kitt Kangaroo
Lily Frog
Lolly Cat
Lucy Pig
Maggie Pig
Maple Cub
Marcie Kangaroo
Margie Elephant
Marina Octopus
Megan Bear
Melba Koala
Merengue Rhino
Midge Bird
Mitzi Cat
Molly Duck
Nan Goat
Nana Monkey
Norma Cow
Olive Cub
Peaches Horse
Pekoe Cub
Poppy Squirrel
Rhonda Rhino
Sally Squirrel
Sandy Ostrich
Savannah Horse
Skye Wolf
Stella Sheep
Sydney Koala
Sylvana Squirrel
Tia Elephant
Vesta Sheep

Peppy Villagers

Villager NameSpecies
Ketchup Duck
Gabi Rabbit
Dotty Rabbit
Flora Ostrich
Felicity Cat
Freckles Duck
Bangle Tiger
Bianca Tiger
Bluebear Cub
Bella Mouse
Anicotti Mouse
Annabelle Anteater
Agent S Squirrel
Audie Wolf
Apple Hamster
Candi Mouse
Carmen Rabbit
Bunnie Rabbit
Bonbon Rabbit
Cookie Dog
Chrissy Rabbit
Cheri Cub
Bubbles Hippo
Pippy Rabbit
Pompom Duck
Pinky Bear
Puddles Frog
Piper Bird
Peggy Pig
Penelope Mouse
Peanut Squirrel
Nibbles Squirrel
Pango Anteater
Pate Duck
Patty Cow
Maddie Dog
Merry Cat
Sprinkle Penguin
Rosie Cat
Ruby Rabbit
Tabby Cat
Tangy Cat
Truffles Pig
Tammi Monkey
Twiggy Bird
Tutu Bear
Victoria Horse
Wendy Sheep
Winnie Horse

Snooty Villagers

Villager Name Species
Judy Cub
Julia Ostrich
Gloria Duck
Gigi Frog
Greta Mouse
Gwen Penguin
Diana Deer
Eloise Elephant
Elise Monkey
Francine Rabbit
Freya Wolf
Friga Penguin
Blanche Ostrich
Bitty Hippo
Blaire Squirrel
Baabara Sheep
Becky Chicken
Alli Alligator
Amelia Eagle
Ankha Cat
Annalise Horse
Astrid Kangaroo
Bree Mouse
Broffina Chicken
Cashmere Sheep
Cleo Horse
Claudia Tiger
Portia Dog
Pecan Squirrel
Naomi Cow
Pancetti Pig
Olivia Cat
Opal Elephant
Kitty Cat
Mathilda Kangaroo
Maelle Duck
Mallary Duck
Mint Squirrel
Miranda Duck
Mint Squirrel
Miranda Duck
Monique Cat
Soleil Hamster
Snooty Anteater
Purrl Cat
Queenie Ostrich
Robin Bird
Tipper Cow
Tiffany Rabbitt
Timbra Sheep
Tasha Squirrel
Vivian Wolf
Violet Gorilla
Velma Goat
Whitney Wolf
Willow Sheep
Yuka Koala

Sisterly / Uchi Villagers

Villager Name Species
Katt Cat
Fuchsia Deer
Hazel Squirrel
Diva Frog
Deirdre Deer
Flo Penguin
Frita Sheep
Agnes Pig
Canberra Koala
Cherry Dog
Charlise Bear
Plucky Chicken
Phoebe Ostrich
Muffy Sheep
Pashmina Goat
Paula Bear
Mira Rabbit
Shari Monkey
Renée Rhino
Reneigh Horse
Rocket Gorilla
Tammy Cub
Sylvia Kangaroo
Ursula Bear

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