Frequently Asked Questions

"I can’t get into my account - my email is not recognised!"

This may be because you didn’t create an account when you initially subscribed. Please contact us asking for an ‘account invite’ and we’ll send you a link straight away.

"I want to change the shipping address/name for my subscription, what should I do?"

If your current month’s payment has NOT been taken:

To change your shipping address/name on your subscription, please login to your account on our shop page. (If you do not have an account yet, just create one with the same email you used to make a subscription.)

You will then need to change it in two places:

  • Under your "Account Details", click to view addresses and update any addresses or names there. Make sure to also tick the "Make default" option. Delete any old addresses to be safe.
  • Click on "View your subscriptions", click on your subscription number and change your address on this page too.

If you current month’s payment HAS been taken:

Please note that the change of address above is only applied to future orders. If you need to change your address for a order that has already been placed, please contact us.

If you are still having issues with changing your address, please contact us.

"I want to change the billing address/payment details. How do I do this?

Please login to your account on our shop page.

Click on 'View your subscriptions'. Click on your subscription number: Under ‘Payment method’ click ‘Update’

A secure link will then be sent to your email address to update your card details.

(If you didn't set up an account when you subscribed, you can do this at any time by using the same email associated with your account subscription).

If you are still having issues with changing your address, please contact us.

“I haven’t received my fanzine yet, when is it going to arrive?”

We aim to ship our fanzines around the 7th of each month, but this may vary by a day or two depending on the speed of our provider.

ROYAL MAIL POSTAL STRIKES UPDATE Unfortunately, the processing, distribution, shipping, collections and admin departments of Royal Mail have announced the following strike dates:

  • 30th September
  • 1st October
  • 13th October
  • 20th October
  • 25th October 

Please ADD AT LEAST AN EXTRA 10 DAYS onto the average timings below to allow for any backlog:

  • UK 1-3 days
  • Europe 6-11 days
  • United States 9.5 days
  • Worldwide 8-13 days

If you’d like to track your parcel and be certain of its timely arrival, please opt for tracked shipping.

If I subscribe this month, will I get this month’s fanzine or next month’s fanzine?

If you subscribe any time this month (between the first and the last day), you will always receive the next month's fanzine. This is because we work on the editions a month prior to the release. For example, we worked on the May issue throughout the whole month of April.

As for printing and packing, we finalise all orders as the clock hits midnight (London, UK time) on the first day of the new month. This is our cutoff time, so if you subscribe after midnight, you will automatically receive next month's issue. It takes about a week or so for the fanzines to be printed by our provider. Once we've received the fanzines from our provider (usually around the 7th), we immediately pack and ship them off to you!

When can I buy the latest fanzine or a digital copy?

If you're interested in purchasing this month's fanzine (or previous editions), check our shop after the 15th of the month! Sometimes we have a printing mishap and are left with a few extra copies. We always release a digital version of the fanzine on the 15th as well.

“I might need to cancel my subscription at some point, how can I do this?”

You can cancel your subscription at any time via our shop or directly with your bank. Alternatively, you can email us with your name and first line of the address that you’ve given us.

“I’m interested in joining The Crossing Board team, where do I apply?”

We sometimes have slots open for new team members, and when we do, we usually announce it on social media. You can check the ‘Join the team’ tab as well to see which positions are open. Please check if it is the right role for you!

“I sent you an email but I have not received a response!”

Our apologies in advance if we have not replied to your email yet. We try our best to respond as soon as possible but please bear in mind that we are a small team and we get lots of messages every day. If it is an urgent matter, please send us a direct message on Instagram or Twitter.

“I did not receive my fanzine, what should I do?”

We’re sorry you did not get your fanzine. Unfortunately postal mishaps happen and the parcel can get lost in transit. Firstly we’d like to make sure that the fanzine indeed got lost and not delayed or quarantined at a port or postal office. In some cases, it can take up to a month before your fanzine arrives. If you opted for tracked shipping (which we highly recommend), you can visit your account on our website for the code and see where it was last. If you are sure that your fanzine is lost, please email us about this issue so we can see which solution is best for you.

“Why should I subscribe if you have digital or extra copies for sale?”

Subscribing means you can be amongst the first group of people that get our monthly fanzines. You may choose a digital copy if you prefer reading on your tablet or any other device, or for sustainability reasons. As for extra physical copies, the number of extra copies we have vary from month to month. To always receive a fanzine, subscribing to our service is the best option!

Do you ship worldwide / to the US?

Yes! We ship worldwide.

I haven’t received my fanzine, and another payment has been taken!

This is because your recurring payment date has come around just before your current fanzine is due to be sent. For example, if you subscribed on the 4th of August (for the September issue), your recurring payment will be taken again on the 4th of September (for your October fanzine). This additional payment will have been taken just before your September fanzine is sent out to you around the 7th.

What can my discount rewards be used for?

Discount codes can be used towards extra fanzines and digital copies